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Gluten (and other allergen) Free Cooking Classes

Published date: July 14, 2008 | Modified date:
by Dr Stephen Wangen

A friend of mine, Sharon Gray, is now offering a gluten free cooking class at the Ravenna Whole Foods in north Seattle. These classes will be offered on a regular basis beginning Wednesday, July 23rd. She is also offering a 4 week cooking series beginning in August.

Since many of you are already wondering, Sharon is also more than willing to accommodate other dietary restrictions too, including dairy and egg. Sharon also offers private cooking classes. For more information please visit her website at The Nourished Cook or contact her directly by email at sharongraylac@gmail.com or 206-234-2603.

Sharon is a very warm and friendly person and her genuine interest in food, people and health is infectious. I highly encourage you to take one of her classes, even if you don’t like to cook. I think that you will find it time well spent.