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Karina’s Kitchen

Published date: July 31, 2008 | Modified date:
by Dr Stephen Wangen

Yesterday a patient told me about a great recipe website that I’d like to share with you. It’s called Karina’s Kitchen. It is actually a blog, but the concept is basically the same. Her site is stocked full of gluten free, dairy free, egg free and even soy free recipes and lots of tips and favorites.

This isn’t just a recipe site, it is a visually tantalizing site full of photos of dishes that you can almost smell. Karina is not only a very experienced chef, but a photographer and lover of the aesthetic value of food, writing, and life.

I’m am sure that you won’t be disappointed if you take the time to peruse the wonderful dishes that you’ll find there. And if you feel so inspired, prepare something and bring it to our support group. You’ll be a star! (Hint: I just looked at what appears to be a fantastic gluten free and vegan baked mac and cheese.) Check it out at