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The IBS Treatment Center is a unique medical clinic, focusing only on this one thing. We go much further than gastroenterologists, doctors who specialize in colonoscopies, when it comes to assessing and treating IBS. We are the only U.S. medical practice that focuses solely on curing irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). If your life is being disrupted by abdominal pain, urgency, bloating, or another aspect of IBS, there is more than just hope. Watch this short video to understand how the IBS Treatment Center can help you.

How Our Medical Practice Is Truly Different

Our doctors begin where your gastroenterologist left off and we don’t stop until we find your cure. There are many treatments that may cure IBS and restore gut health. The key is identifying the one that will help end YOUR IBS permanently and keep YOUR gut healthy.

Unsurpassed IBS Medical Expertise

All our doctors are IBS specialists. Our medical team has helped heal thousands of IBS patients and has spent the past 15 years restoring normal gut health in IBS patients. After treating over 10,000 patients from over 30 different countries, we recently added IBS Telemedicine Practice to extend our services to those around the globe. Our IBS experience is truly unmatched.


Dr. Stephen WangenIrritable Bowel SyndromeDr Stephen Wangen, a former IBS sufferer who was recently named one of Seattle’s Top Doctors, developed a unique program and has assembled a dedicated team of top IBS doctors. As an IBS specialist, he became the award-winning author of books on solving digestive disorders, and a nationally recognized speaker on IBS. He has shared his expertise on IBS and gut health on ABC, NBC, Fox, and public radio.

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  • For your convenience, our services are also now available via telemedicine. No in-person visit needed.

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