Now is the Time!

There are changes coming to health insurance and we don’t know what they are. But the IBS Treatment Center is here and ready to help you that you take full advantage of the health...

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Can Yogurt Cure IBS?

If you’re struggling with IBS, you’ve probably tried lots of remedies. Tempting quick-fix remedies are everywhere: Internet discussion boards, talkative strangers and even medical professionals all have ideas on how to cure your IBS....

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Does Xifaxan Cure IBS?

The short answer is NO. Xifaxan – also known by its generic name Rifaximin – is an antibiotic. Its primary purpose is to kill bacteria in the digestive tract. The problem is IBS is...

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IBS Diets

Popular IBS Diets

If you’re suffering from IBS symptoms, you’ve probably received unhelpful diet advice from everyone. “Have you tried cutting out gluten?” “Have you tried eating low-fat?” “My sister went vegan and she’s so much happier...

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An IBS College Love Story?

We all experience embarrassing moments and “Why me?” moments. As doctors at the IBS Treatment Center, We’ve heard more than a few tales of unpleasant situations. Yet, there is one patient’s story that sticks...

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