How to Beat IBS

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Published date: November 18, 2019 | Modified date:
by Dr Stephen Wangen
New York

My symptoms changed and worsened over 2 years to include not only the ongoing swelling and reflux but also throat pain and burning.
This progressed to my mouth feeling burned every day, my lips were even chapped. I had lymph nodes enlarged in my neck and was found to have an enlarged thyroid.
After a right Thyroidectomy I continued to have the same symptoms. I also had abdominal pain and heartburn at times as well. I was losing weight. It became difficult to work my 12-hour shifts because of my fatigue.
After 13 different doctors, 5 different proton pump inhibitors at high doses, plus Zantac and multiple bottles of Mylanta I was getting very discouraged and had the terrible feeling that something awful was happening.
My family went through a huge amount of stress worrying about me. I felt like the health field and my body was failing me.
Then I heard about [the IBS Treatment Center]. I said to my husband I know it sounds crazy but I think I need to go to Seattle to see this doctor. He said do what you need to do.
My daughter and I flew to the IBS Treatment Center in December of 2007. The doctor exceeded my expectations. He listened intently to my saga. He really cared about what was happening to me and tailored a plan of care for my individual needs.
He was the first person to start me healing with treatments that were soothing. I stopped all my other medications.
They did a wonderful job teaching me what I had to do and have since been very attentive in helping me fine tune things.
I feel like a new person. My family and I are so grateful to Dr. Wangen and his team! I can’t imagine what would have happened to me without them!