IBS Telemedicine Treatment Option

Published date: April 22, 2016 | Modified date:

IBS Treatment Center Now Offers a “No Travel” Telemedicine Option

The IBS Treatment Center has helped thousands of patients from all over the world. We know that IBS can cause physical discomfort, emotional embarrassment and stress. That is why we are now offering a “NO TRAVEL” option, so you can have the doctor come to you via video in the comfort of your own home. It’s very popular with many of our patients, including international patients as well as patients who only live 30 minutes away and find it uncomfortable to leave their house.

All you need for the video conference appointment is a smart phone or computer to video conference with the doctor.  The doctor will consult with you for 30-50 minutes (depending upon the length scheduled) and determine what needs to be done. If testing is required, we can usually arrange for that to be done in your own home.

We have found that our “NO TRAVEL” option has proven to be just as successful as seeing patients in our office. If you have any questions, or would like to schedule an appointment for the “NO TRAVEL” option, please call or email us your contact information so we can get you started on the path to getting your life back.