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Get to Know the Doctors at the IBS Treatment Center: Dr. Stephen Wangen

Published date: April 28, 2015 | Modified date:
by Dr Stephen Wangen

Dr. Stephen WangenI was diagnosed with IBS in 1994. Unfortunately, that didn’t make any real difference in my health. So while in medical school I began to research my problem and discovered that I had celiac disease, a reaction to wheat and other common grains.

When I began practicing medicine I found that because of my personal experience with digestive problems I could not only relate to my IBS patients but really help them get to the root of their problem. Not everyone has the same trigger that I do. In fact, getting to the root cause of the problem takes some detective work.

I find that it takes quite a bit of personal attention and a good understanding of each patient to be able to properly treat most digestive issues. The standard practice of scheduling several patients at the same time and hopping from room to room after only 5-10 minutes or isn’t adequate for helping my patients.

I now schedule at least a half hour with each patient for their first visit. This allows me time to listen to the entire story about your problem, which is critical to understanding what might be causing it. It also allows me plenty of time to answer your questions, ask all of the questions I need to ask, and to convey all of the information that I want you to know so that you can successfully resolve your problem. This has made everyone happier and resulted in a very high success rate in our clinic.

If you have IBS or another chronic health problem, I appreciate your frustration with the lack of answers and the impact that it is having on your life. Please know that you are not alone, and that we are here to help you.


Stephen Wangen, ND

Dr. Stephen Wangen is a state licensed and board certified physician. After graduating with honors in pre-med from Pacific Lutheran University he received his doctoral degree in naturopathic medicine from the internationally renowned Bastyr University in Seattle, WA. Dr. Wangen continues his association with Bastyr as an Affiliate Clinical Faculty member of The School of Naturopathic Medicine. In his practice Dr. Wangen specializes in digestive disorders and food allergies and has first-hand experience with these, having himself been diagnosed with gluten intolerance in 1996, as well as a dairy allergy.

Due to a long history of success in treating common digestive disorders, and the tremendous need for a clinic focused on the treatment of these and IBS symptoms, Dr. Wangen founded the IBS Treatment Center in 2005, where he serves as Medical Director. In 2013 Dr. Wangen opened a second clinic in Santa Monica, CA.