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IBS and Difficulty Gaining Weight

The inability to lose weight as well as the inability to gain weight are frequently two sides of the same coin. Food allergies and sensitivities, gastrointestinal bacterial infections, yeast, and parasites can all interfere...

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Stress & IBS

I always had a nervous stomach my whole life, but it was nothing serious until part-way through college when I started having some major digestive problems. I was beginning to feel like I was...

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How Can a Nutritionist Help Your IBS?

How Our Nutritionist Can Help You! At the IBS Treatment Center, our commitment to your health doesn’t end when you walk out the door. Our doctors often recommend new dietary plans and we understand...

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Backpacker Finds Hope with IBS Cure

Susan loves to hike and backpack in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Unfortunately, her IBS has been preventing her from enjoying the great outdoors. When she first came to us at the IBS Treatment Center,...

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Dancer Overcomes IBS Struggles

A recent patient at the IBS Treatment Center in Seattle. Jennifer is a competitive dancer.  She has IBS along with daily nausea and reflux. Additionally, Jennifer was finding it more and more difficult to...

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Patient Medicare Questions

A recent Medicare question from a prospective patient. “Hello, Can you please tell me whether you accept Medicare?  My father, who is in his 70’s, has had debilitating IBS for many decades and no...

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Patient Questions on Insurance

A recent question to our office. Dear IBS treatment center, I have heard many wonderful things about your center from a family member who is a nurse. I have also been doing lots of...

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Using Drugs to Treat IBS

I came to the IBS Treatment Center after no one else could figure out what was wrong. I had severe abdominal pain and was on strong pain meds. Since then my pain is gone....

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Symptoms of Food Allergies

Food allergies can cause a lot more problems than you or your doctor probably realize. After having worked with thousands of patients with food allergies, we know this to be true. Although there is...

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Drugs to Treat IBS

At least 20 million Americans have been diagnosed with IBS. The drug companies are beginning to tap into this hefty target market by offering medicines aimed at relieving the symptoms of IBS. These drugs...

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