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Food Allergies

What Causes a Food Allergy?

A quick Q&A with Dr. Stephen Wangen from the IBS Treatment Center. What Causes a Food Allergy? It is most likely that food allergies are genetically predetermined. In the big picture, humans have only...

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Food Allergies and Hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism is a serious condition found in people with and without food allergies. However, people with food allergies, particularly those with celiac disease (a gluten allergy), frequently suffer from hypothyroidism. It’s known to cause...

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What is a Food Allergy?

(img thanks to parkhurstexchange.com) Food allergies may be one of the most prevalent health problems in our country and are certainly the biggest problem that I see in my clinic. But if you’re like...

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Study: Elimination Diets and IBS

This study comes from National Institutes of Health. — Study: The value of eliminating foods according to food-specific immunoglobulin G antibodies in irritable bowel syndrome with diarrhea. Authors: Guo H, Jiang T, Wang J,...

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