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The IBS Treatment Center clinics are located in Seattle, Washington and in Santa Monica, California. Request an appointment online below at the location most convienient for you.

For appointments by phone:
Call Toll Free 1-888-546-6283


Since 2005 the IBS Treatment Center has successfully helped over 5000 patients, many of whom have seen numerous doctors, been to famous big name institutions, and completely run out of hope. People have come from all over the United States and around the world to get the unique care we offer. We see patients of all ages and all backgrounds, from children to professors at prestigious medical schools. Regardless of who you are or where you come from, we pride ourselves in giving you the same high quality care and attention.


We routinely help patients from around and country and beyond. Patients coming from out of town usually only need to physically come to the clinic once. Follow-up is conducted remotely. Most patients are able to get back to living life on their own terms after just a few consultations. We can help you with your travel arrangements. Please ask us when we speak with you.