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9 Common Causes of Heartburn

Published date: August 2, 2012 | Modified date:
by Dr Stephen Wangen

In order to cure acid reflux disease, you must remove the cause of the problem and promote the healing process.

The following are the most common causes of heartburn: 

Food allergies: In my practice I have found that a majority of cases of heartburn are caused by food allergies. Food allergies often cause a host of other problems and can be diagnosed with a simple blood test.

Foods: certain foods cause the lower esophageal sphincter to relax, thus leading to heartburn. These include peppermint, coffee, alcohol and chocolate.

Hiatal hernia: This is a physical condition where part of the stomach protrudes through the diaphragm. It can generally be reduced without surgery, though even when present it is not necessarily the sole cause of heartburn

Low Acid Production: Ironically, low stomach acid levels can result in heartburn. This is much more common than increased acid. This problem can be assessed clinically and is readily treatable. 

Medications: Many medications cause heartburn as a side-effect, including, several acid blockers.

These include:

  • Acid Blockers: Prevacid, Prilosec, Zantac, etc.
  • Asthma inhalers (beclamethasone, flovent, etc).
  • Corticosteroids
  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs), such as aspirin, ibuprofen, and naproxen.
  • Antianxiety medications, such as diazepam (Valium) and lorazepam (Ativan).
  • Osteoporosis drugs such as alendronate (Fosamax).

Overeating: Of course. The stomach is only so big, even if the eyes and the mouth are bigger.

Pregnancy & Obesity: These are related in that both put pressure on the stomach, decreasing it’s volume and forcing food back from whence it came.

Stress: Stress is a small word with big health consequences. Stress can be the sole cause of heartburn, but often it is exacerbating other causes. Regardless, there are nutrients, herbs and therapies that will help you deal with your stress.

Smoking: Smoking also causes the lower esophageal sphincter to relax, leading to heartburn.

For more experience on heartburn or to schedule an appointment, contact our office at info@ibstreatmentcenter.com. Even heartburn caused by necessary drugs can be treated in a way that is much healthier and more effective than acid blockers.

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