“I Can’t Even Go Outside of the House.”

Dr. Stephen WangenFrom a recent patient at the IBS Treatment Center with Dr. Stephen Wangen.

This week a woman came in to see me for the first time.

She said, “I can’t even go outside of the house to the bus stop with my kids without worrying about my IBS.” That is so sad!

Remarkably, that is not the first time that I’ve heard those same words. In fact, recently a father told me the very same thing.

People often take for granted the simple things in life, like walking their children to the bus stop.  But millions of people with IBS can’t do even those simple tasks.

I have seen parents waving to their children from the window of the house and I wonder, is it because they are afraid to go outside for fear of having an accident?

As sad as this is, ironically when patients tell me this, it is an exciting moment.  I know from experience that there is tremendous hope for them! Soon they’ll be able to walk their kids to the bus stop with confidence. And that will be just the beginning.

I want every parent who can’t do that to know that they aren’t alone, and to believe that they can solve their IBS, because I’ve seen it happen so many times before.

It’s the little things like this that truly define the impact that IBS can have on ones life. These quickly ad up and rob people of the richness of life that is found from being able to do these simple tasks. And there is nothing more rewarding than seeing these people get better so that they can walk their kids to the bus stop.

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