Patient, “My Gastroenterologist Apologized Because He Hadn’t Taken Me Seriously.”

Dr. Stephen WangenNow I am finally feeling like I thought I should. Even more than the treatment, I was glad that I went to the IBS Treatment Center simply because they were the first people to really listen to me and treat me like I was telling the truth. My gastroenterologist actually apologized to me because he hadn’t taken me seriously.

The IBS Treatment Center, on the other hand, was very supportive and seemed to really care if I got better. When I had an appointment, they were not trying to rush me in and out, and were willing to listen to my symptoms and look for a cause rather than handing me a prescription to get me out.

I have been so impressed that I have recommended them to several of my friends, who have all had good things to say. One of my friends called me after leaving their office and she was crying because someone actually believed her. Before seeing them, she had been told by her doctor that her symptoms were “all in her head” and had actually been referred to a psychiatrist! Now her symptoms have improved tremendously.

I would recommend them to anyone who feels sick and doesn’t know why. They will really work to find the problem!


IBS Specialist and Gastroenterologist

IBS specialists are experts in irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). A gastroenterologist may diagnose IBS, but that will only tell you what you already know, that your bowel irritates you.

IBS specialists do not do what gastroenterologist do, and gastroenterologists do not do what IBS specialists do. These are completely different specialties. There is only a very tiny amount of overlap with regard to stool testing. But even this is extremely minor as the IBS specialist utilizes much more advanced stool analyses.

To the IBS specialist the label of IBS only serves as a starting point for further investigation, nothing more. The IBS specialist focuses on assessing and diagnosing the cause of your digestive problems, not on the gross structural integrity of the digestive tract. Rather than focusing on the patients symptoms, or simply treating the symptoms, the IBS specialist is devoted to identifying the condition or conditions in the patient that are causing the symptoms.

The average time to find the cause of IBS in our patients: 30 Days

We have CURED IBS in 1000's of patients. We can help you too.

All services also available via telemedicine. No in-person visit required.

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