Famous Actress Finally Gets IBS Solved

Published date: October 27, 2016 | Modified date: August 7, 2019

Hollywood Sign

Jennifer Esposito is a famous actress. She has been in many movies and in TV shows like “NCIS” and “Mistresses”.

For years she struggled with IBS and other debilitating symptoms. She saw “the best” doctors, specialists, and they ran tests and made recommendations. Some of them told her it was all in her head. Most said “there is nothing wrong with you”. But she was sick and it was affecting her career. Finally, she saw a doctor who knew enough to test her for one of the thousands of causes of IBS – celiac disease. This was her turning point. Her gastroenterologist of 5 years later said “I never thought to test her for that”. Now Jennifer is doing great and enjoying life again.

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