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“I began having bloating (severe) in my late teens. For many months I just brushed it aside not really thinking I actually had a medical problem. As time went on, the bloating became more intense and for longer periods of time.

My family practitioner would prescribe me an antibiotic and while on it, and several weeks after, I would have extreme diarrhea. I was diagnosed with IBS. However, I just kept getting worse and worse. I was extremely tired all the time and did not have enough energy to work all day.

Finally after trying to do some research on our own, my parents and I found the IBS Treatment Center. We decided to make an appointment and flight reservations. Within two weeks, we traveled across the country to talk with them. Now, only a few months later, my energy is much, much better and I don’t feel sick all of the time.”

– Jill Ochs from Kansas

Gas and Bloating

One of the by-products of the breaking down of food is gas. Bacteria and digestion create some gas, which collects into bubbles and is expelled as flatulence. This is normal.

However, if you are producing so much gas that it affects your social activity, or if the gas is especially odorous, then your body is not breaking down food properly. Excess gas can also cause bloating and often abdominal pain. The conditions most likely to cause excess gas and bloating are food allergy or an imbalance in the bacteria in your digestive tract.

The IBS Treatment Center offers specialized testing to determine what is causing your excess gas, bloating, and/or abdmonial pain. Our expertise in both testing and treatment enable us to help out patients discover and treat the condition or conditions that are causing their symptoms. The end result is that our patients find a solution.

The average time to find the cause of IBS in our patients: 30 Days

We have CURED IBS in 1000's of patients. We can help you too.

All services also available via telemedicine. No in-person visit required.

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