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You Can Be Free of IBS for Life!

Dr Wangen has been free of his IBS for 20 years and that’s his goal for every patient that comes into the IBS Treatment Center. Read Dr. Wangen’s IBS story. Most of our patients...

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IBS Symptoms: Heartburn

From a recent patient of the IBS Treatment Center. I wanted to send you an update. I have not once had heartburn or indigestion, both of which I’ve had since high school. I want...

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The History of the IBS Treatment Center

Dr. Stephen Wangen, co-founder of the IBS Treatment Center, has been successfully helping people resolve irritable bowel syndrome and chronic digestive problems since 1999. This success culminated in the 2005 opening of the IBS...

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Backpacker Finds Hope with IBS Cure

Susan loves to hike and backpack in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Unfortunately, her IBS has been preventing her from enjoying the great outdoors. When she first came to us at the IBS Treatment Center,...

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Drugs to Treat IBS

At least 20 million Americans have been diagnosed with IBS. The drug companies are beginning to tap into this hefty target market by offering medicines aimed at relieving the symptoms of IBS. These drugs...

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Who We Are: The Innate Health Group

The Innate Health Group was designed and created to reintroduce something that has been missing in medicine, a belief that you are capable of being healthier if given a better understanding of your body....

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Migraines Solved with Dietary Change

We received the following letter from a recent patient. It is truly amazing that with all the research on this subject, (including double-blind & placebo controlled studies), that widespread testing for food allergies is...

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Understanding Bacteria & Your Body

Inside of your body, primarily in your digestive tract, live an enormous number of bacteria.  These single-celled organisms have colonized areas of your body and exist happily there. This may alarm you, as we...

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Report Shows Hospital Prices are Soaring

A recent article from the NY Times highlights the incredible cost of hospital care in the United States. Hospitals and clinics have very complicated pricing and different patients pay different fees for the same...

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The average time to find the cause of IBS in our patients: 30 Days

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