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Tag: IBS treatment

An IBS College Love Story?

We all experience embarrassing moments and “Why me?” moments. As doctors at the IBS Treatment Center, We’ve heard more than a few tales of unpleasant situations. Yet, there is one patient’s story that sticks...

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Patient Questions on Insurance

A recent question to our office. Dear IBS treatment center, I have heard many wonderful things about your center from a family member who is a nurse. I have also been doing lots of...

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Using Drugs to Treat IBS

I came to the IBS Treatment Center after no one else could figure out what was wrong. I had severe abdominal pain and was on strong pain meds. Since then my pain is gone....

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Common Causes of IBS: Yeast (Candida)

Yeast infections, or yeast overgrowth, are a common result of antibiotic use. Yeast is also considered normal flora at low populations, since it is often found in the digestive tract. However, remember that normal...

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Who We Are: The Innate Health Group

The Innate Health Group was designed and created to reintroduce something that has been missing in medicine, a belief that you are capable of being healthier if given a better understanding of your body....

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The average time to find the cause of IBS in our patients: 30 Days

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