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The IBS Treatment Center Patient Portal

The portal is a secure website where you can review your information and communicate securely with the IBS Treatment Center. To log in enter your username and password.

The portal is for quick questions that only require a minute or two to answer and issues which are not urgent. If you have an urgent need or more complicated question, please phone our office to schedule an appointment.

Click Here to Enter the Patient Portal (Hosted by Eclinicalweb)
To become a patient and get your password simply call to schedule an appointment
Call (206) 264-1111 or if outside the Greater Seattle Area call 1-888-546-6283 ( 1-888-5INNATE )
or send an email to

If you need to send us files, please use the file upload tool (powered by File Drop Vault) on our Contact Page.



What if I have and urgent question or situation? If you have an urgent healthcare situation call 911 or your local emergency number immediately. If you have a time-sensitive question or concern, call our office. The portal should not be used for time-sensitive or urgent issues. Our office phone number in Seattle is 206-264-1111 or 1-888-546-6283 (888-5INNATE) and in Santa Monica is 310-319-1500.

How do I get a password? Become a patient by scheduling an appointment. At your first appointment you will be provided with a username and password.

How is the portal message system different than email? The portal message system encrypts the messages through a secure system. Normal email messages are sent across the internet in clear, readable text that can be intercepted and easily read. You should never share private information like your social security number or credit card number in a regular email message.

Can I schedule an appointment through the portal? You can request an appointment through the portal. If the time you requested is available it may be assigned to you. However, it is almost always easier to call the office so you can get immediate feedback on availability.

I had my last appointment and I am not sure what to do now. Any help? Sure! We want to make sure you get well and stay that way. You are always welcome to call our office or send a portal message with any questions you have.

Appointment and Cancellation Policies

Our goal at the IBS Treatment Center, is to provide you with a superior healthcare experience
throughout the entire treatment process. Because we believe that each individual patient deserves
undivided attention during their set appointments, we have made sure that every appointment is one-on-
one with the Doctor or Nutritionist. We will never double-book your appointment and we promise
to make every effort to adhere to the daily schedule. Even so, we do ask for understanding in the
occasional delay as healthcare is unpredictable and situations that are out of our control may delay
appointment start times. We request your assistance in this effort, and being on time to your
appointments is the best help you can give us; and the rest of the patients.
Available appointments are in high demand and your early cancellation will give another patient access
to timely care. Out of courtesy for those patients, we ask that you call us as soon as you know that you
will not be able to attend your scheduled appointment. If it is necessary to cancel or change your
scheduled appointment, we require that you cancel/reschedule by 10 AM the business day before your
appointment. Failure to cancel within this timeline will result in your appointment being marked
as a “No Show”
No Show Policy
A “No Show” is someone who either fails to present at their scheduled appointment time or a patient
who fails to cancel a scheduled appointment by 10 AM one (1) business day in advance.

  • No-Shows will be subject to a $60.00 No Show Fee or forfeit any deposits or pre-payments
    made for said appointment.
  • No-Shows will be required to pre-pay the next two (2) consultations at the time of each

Late Policy
A “Late Show” is a patient who is over 15 minutes late, or patient who arrives/calls-in past the halfway
mark of their scheduled appointment, whichever comes first. This includes, but is not limited to–
arriving in office on time, but not having required paperwork completed. If you are markedly late to your
appointment, the Physician may, at their discretion, choose to see you and bill for the full appointment
cost, but ending the appointment at the time it was scheduled to end as to not interfere with the following
patient appointment. The Physician also reserves the right, at their discretion, to notify the patient that
they are a “Late Show” and request that the appointment be rescheduled.
Regardless of the physicians decision to see a late patient, a “Late Show” agrees to the following terms

  • Pre-pay the next two (2) consultations at the time of each scheduling.
  • Arriving/calling in late to the pre-paid appointment will result in forfeit of the full prepayment

The average time to find the cause of IBS in our patients: 30 Days

We have CURED IBS in 1000's of patients. We can help you too.

All services also available via telemedicine. No in-person visit required.

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