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IgA Food Allergy Testing Now Available!

Published date: May 20, 2009 | Modified date:
by Dr Stephen Wangen

Measuring reactions to foods is a complex science and has traditionally involved measuring antibodies. Antibodies are produced by your immune system in response to things that it is attacking. Antibodies can be found in the blood through a routine blood draw.

Traditionally labs have made available two different types of antibody tests with regard to reactions to foods. These were the IgG and IgE antibodies. Other antibodies are known to exist and can be relevant when measuring food reactions, in particular IgA antibodies.

I am excited to report that we now can offer you a new type of food allergy test, the comprehensive IgA food allergy profile. This test allows us to evaluate whether or not you have an IgA reaction to any of over 150 foods. These are the same foods to which we have previously been testing for IgG and IgE reactions.

I will continue to run IgG and IgE tests, because they have proven to be extremely helpful for solving a plethora of patient health concerns. And I am very happy to have a new and useful tool to help even more patients. You can learn more about this type of testing in this months newsletter, which you may sign up for by clicking here: NEWSLETTER.

You can also learn more about our food allergy testing options and pricing on our website by clicking here: Food Allergy Testing Options.