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Looking for a doctor who knows irritable bowel syndrome?

Meet The
IBS Doctor Near You!

Since 2005, Getting IBS Sufferers Across the Globe the Help They Need

Patients Love the IBS Treatment Center!

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Leann G.

"The IBS treatment center with Zoom was great. I mean, it’s no different than actually being there. So I really enjoyed it."


“I can now say that I am once again living a normal life. It’s taken some getting used to. Sometimes I just can’t believe it. And you are the only people who really listened.”

Amanda M.

“I’ve been telling people that it was the best $ I’ve ever spent! I was so impressed with the whole operation!

So, Why Do You Need An IBS Expert?

Let’s face it – your doctors, including your gastroenterologist, have been great but getting proper care for your IBS has been a bit like trying to find water in the desert. 

That’s Where An IBS Expert Comes in.

An IBS Expert is a doctor who only treats IBS, and who expects to be able to help you because they’ve worked with thousands of IBS patients just like you. 

An IBS Expert Is The Secret To A Successful Treatment

If you aren't better yet, then you haven't seen an IBS expert. It’s the difference between the 99% of people who don’t get the proper care for their IBS, and the 1% who do.

Without An IBS Expert
With An IBS Expert

Do You Like Feeling the Opposite of Frustration?

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The IBS Treatment Center
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We’re the original IBS experts, and the first clinic ever designed to specifically help people get over IBS.

Since 2005 we have been working with people all over the world via telemedicine, and you can access us from virtually anywhere.

And guess what? We have the same great success rate whether you are in person or not. Because helping people with IBS is not about being together in person. It’s about knowing what to do and how to get it done.

Real Patients Of The IBS Treatment Center

Leann Gemini

Kip Boyle

Lisa Kragerud

Rachel Pollack