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How Much Will My IBS Treatment Cost?

Published date: May 6, 2016 | Modified date:
by Dr Stephen Wangen

Do you take my insurance?” That’s the number one question patients ask us.ibs treatment cost

But what they really want to know is, how much will this cost me?

If you’re like most of our patients, you’re accustomed to never getting a clear answer to that question. Due to red tape, internal policies, and other restrictions, most doctors, hospitals, and insurance providers generally won’t (or can’t) provide a real answer.

Many providers “accept your insurance,” but few can tell you exactly how much their services cost.

Unpredictable and Expensive

Most patients will go to medical providers assuming that their co-pay is the whole story. Later, the paperwork starts coming—usually a confusing series of forms that say “this is not a bill.”

And then, weeks, months, or even more than a year later, they often receive a bill for their visit. Often, this bill is for hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars, even when the provider was “in network.”

That’s a heck of a surprise!

Unfortunately, it’s very common for in-network doctors to use out-of-network specialists. And you’ll be stuck paying out-of-network rates for their work. And if you haven’t met your deductible, or the insurance company decides something done was not covered, even services from in-network providers can be very expensive.

This systemic “abuse of the implicit trust that you have with your doctor” can make people avoid receiving care altogether, rather than face the risk of medical bankruptcy.

Complete Transparency

At the IBS Treatment Center, our costs are completely transparent. We’ll always tell you up front exactly what the charge is for the service or procedure that you are purchasing. 

How do we have cost transparency and other medical providers don’t? It’s easy. We work for you, not the insurance companies.

We Put Patients over Profit

This means our doctors can focus on making you better—and give you the right treatment, rather than only what insurers will get paid by insurance companies. The results really speak for themselves. Our success with IBS patients is unmatched by any other facility anywhere.

This direct-pay model means we can tell you the cost immediately, and you pay when you get services. No surprise bills arrive months later.

We provide you with the paperwork to submit to your insurance company so they can pay their share of your costs—in a check made out to you.

Your insurance company works for you. You pay them for insurance, and under our model, they pay you for your medical costs. Simple, clear, and under your control.

Most patients see us for a few consultations in total. (We’re happy to tell you your exact charge for each consultation ahead of time—just call us to find out.)

Live Without IBS at Last 

How much is life without IBS worth to you?

Compare our costs with some other routine medical services: for instance, putting dental braces on your kid. All told, you’ll probably pay the dentist upward of $5,000 for straighter teeth. Not counting insurance reimbursement, our patients typically pay much less that, closer to half that.  

Most people spend more at the vet than they do for their own health. Why is that?

Wouldn’t you say living without IBS is worth as much to you as straight teeth or the health of your pet?

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