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Frequently Asked Questions at the IBS Treatment Center

Published date: November 8, 2013 | Modified date:
by Dr Stephen Wangen

gI_SignImage.jpgWe’re starting a new segment with our blog where we address frequently asked questions we hear from patients and potential patients alike. Let’s start today with the basics.

What does it cost to visit the IBS Treatment Center?

The Center offers a 10-minute pre-consultation over the phone or Skype for just $65.

Your first in-office visit costs just $199 for a 35-minute visit with one of our doctors that specializes in IBS.  When you come in person the $65 pre-consult fee will be deducted from the $199 fee for your first visit!

So essentially, you can have a 10 minute pre-consult with a doctor from the IBS Treatment Center for essentially free!

How many times will I have to visit the Treatment Center?

Non-local patients require only one in-office visit with the IBS Treatment Center. All follow up is then done remotely.  This enables patients from around the world to get access to the best IBS treatment available.

What makes the IBS Treatment Center different?

We offer treatment that is as unique as you are. The IBS Treatment Center specializes in treating AND curing IBS – it’s our passion and our mission. In fact, our founding doctor cured his own IBS!

How Many Patients Has the IBS Treatment Center worked with?

The Center has helped over 4000 patients since it opened its doors in 2005. Yes, 4000 people. Now let us help you!

Is the IBS Treatment Center covered by insurance?

Yes, as long as you have out of network coverage that is fully compliant with the ACA.  At least 75% of patients get reimbursement from their insurance company.

 Patients have been reimbursed by most major insurers including Blue Cross/Blue Shield, United, Aetna, Cigna and more.