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Susan Saint Vincent


Perhaps you’re thinking to yourself that this is just another success story – but, trust me this success is HUGE.

My friends, family and local docs are all amazed and somewhat in awe of how much I’ve changed over the past year. Everyone says that I just LOOK heathier these days.

When I think back to how miserable my life was before seeing you and how limited I was in considering future plans, I get a bit emotional just thinking about it all. It’s truly been a transformation.  ….

My weight is been consistently stable … over the past year. I’m really looking forward to the warmth of spring/summer so that I can get outside and get more exercise….

Well, I’ll quit rambling for now – just wanted to check in and provide an update. I hope that everything is going well for you and your family.

Sharon L. Wilford

Bainbridge Island, Washington

After having children that have constant tummy aches and below average growth rates, I figured it was the least I could do as a parent to invest in some medical testing.

… my 12 year old daughter … has immediately reaped the rewards of health, energy, and growth. She literally glows now, with no more dark circles under her eyes. She also seems to be leaner, not as puffy or irritable.

Next plan of action was to have my 14 year old son treated. …. he said, “No way.” Isn’t it always the case to have children that are so polar in their behaviors?

Well, it hasn’t been easy with him, but as of late, he spent a morning in the nurse’s office at high school and decided it just wasn’t “cool” to miss class because he became ill.) It will be a gradual process with him, but ideally well worth the battle.

Of late, I myself underwent treatment. [And] so yes, you guessed it – after me, my husband will be the next to visit the IBS Treatment Center.

In this day in age…, I truly don’t understand why everyone doesn’t… Don’t you want to be as healthy as possible?

Goodness, people run miles, work out for hours; but, you are truly what you eat, so why not find out what works for your body.


I’ve had stomach discomfort for over 30 years and it has gotten worse as I’ve gotten older. I’ve had all sorts of tests but nothing physical ever showed up.

I knew it wasn’t in my mind, but it was frustrating not finding out what the problem was.

Eventually I heard about the IBS Treatment Center and decided to give it a try even though it was expensive. Now I’m glad I did and I feel well most of the time.

Good health is worth it! Thanks, Dr. Wangen!

Brian Milnes

Mercer Island, Washington

I’ve been doing quite well. I now require no extra fiber either. So you can count me as a great success, thanks.

I’m delighted with the outcome.

Dennis Spencer

Couer D’Alene, Idaho

Absolutely phenomenal! I spread your company’s name wherever I go. Best Treatment Center I could have ever dreamed of.  AWESOME!!

Lost 19 1/2 lbs in the first 60 days, and I wasn’t even looking for that. What a surprising bonus. You have given me much of my life back!!!

Thank You! Thank You!

Abigail Schneidmiller

Tacoma, Washington

I just want to say thank you for all your help and guidance. I feel so fortunate to have found your web site. I was truly miserable before this diagnosis and had battled my symptoms for too many years.

I feel rejuvenated and healthy, and most importantly do not feel limited in my daily life by my symptoms.

I am now focusing on riding the “Courage Classic”. It is a three day bike ride across Snoqualmie, Blewett, and Stevens pass, a fund raiser for Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital.

Had I not found a solution to my IBS I’m not sure I would be able to do this ride otherwise.


Seattle, Washington

WOW! I am absolutely amazed! For the first time in 30 + years, I have been virtually symptom-free for four weeks!

As an added plus, I have lost ten pounds, and now weigh what I did in the 70’s! I guess I can see what was keeping me from my optimum body weight. I love the lean feeling.

The most important thing is that I feel great! It was worth every penny to finally find out what has caused decades of discomfort.
I still find myself half expecting to have problems again; it just seems incredible that it could all be that simple!
I can’t thank you enough, and I’ve told everyone I know what a great discovery I made while surfing the Internet. …


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