IBS Treatment Center: Thousands of IBS Patients – Remarkable Results

Published date: January 22, 2016 | Modified date: October 12, 2018

ibs patient resultsOur highly skilled doctors have helped more than 5,000 patients and have a remarkably high success rate of more than 80%. The national average of successful IBS treatment is much lower than our success rate. Simply put, what we do works – and it works well – and it works for most patients with IBS. Our treatments work so well because our practice is focused solely on IBS. We were founded more than a decade ago and were honored as one of Seattle’s Top Doctors in 2015.

Every patient is unique and we get that. We will find out what’s causing your digestive issues and correct them so you can live your life without discomfort, embarrassment, or worry. Even if you’ve seen other gastroenterologists and specialists but had no improvement, come see us. We succeed where other doctors have failed. Our patients love us because we give them their lives back – imagine your life without IBS symptoms.

You Can Be Free of IBS for Life

Dr Wangen has been free of his IBS for 20 years and that’s his goal for every patient that comes into the IBS Treatment Center.

Most of our patients have sought treatment from other doctors with poor outcomes. Don’t give up. We have had success with patients who went to top clinics such as Johns Hopkins, the Mayo Clinic, and the Cleveland Clinic but didn’t find help there. Some patients need just a few appointments to completely resolve their IBS issues.

We work with patients from all across the US and around the world, so don’t let your busy schedule or frequent travel discourage you from getting the answers – and results – you deserve. The IBS specialists at our clinic will determine the cause of your IBS and focus treatment on the underlying issue so you can be IBS-free for life. Contact the IBS Treatment Center in Seattle or Santa Monica today – we’ll help you take back control of your life.