Patient Letter to the IBS Treatment Center

Published date: October 12, 2015 | Modified date: January 19, 2017

staff2A wonderful letter from a recent patient of the IBS Treatment Center.

I can’t praise the IBS Treatment Center enough!  Just having someone who actually believes that you are having significant problems is healing in itself!  

I saw many doctors in the year that it took to figure out what was wrong with me.  Most were dismissive and some were downright rude.  Many wanted to assign a mental health disorder to me because their tests showed that everything was “normal.”  

I knew there was something wrong with me! I cried with relief after my first phone call [with the IBS Treatment Center].  

At the first visit, unlike all [the other doctors] I saw, they encouraged me to tell my “story” and to discuss all of my symptoms.  Unlike other doctor’s I saw, [they] believed me! Wow!  

….[I] have been totally normal since 10 days in….. and I’m continuing to feel more energy and more wholeness every day!

Thank you to the IBS Center for actually believing their patients!

Mary Lou Shean
Yakima, WA

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