Patient Sees Blood Pressure Drop from Healing IBS

Dr. Stephen WangenFrom the IBS Treatment Center’s Dr. Stephen Wangen:

I wanted to share a great story from a recent patient at the Center.

An 85 year old gentleman came to see us because of his ongoing struggles IBS.

People of all ages come to the Center, (including a recent patient who was in her 90s), so this isn’t entirely unusual. In fact, this means that they haven’t given up and that they want to live life!  We are on their side. There is NO reason that age should prevent you from curing your IBS.

Like most of our patients, this patient’s IBS got better. But that’s not even the best part of the story. Because of the changes in his lifestyle, his blood pressure also improved (we’ve seen this before). But he was on blood pressure medications and therefore his blood pressure went too low before he was able to decrease the dose, resulting in a light-headed feeling and risk of passing out one day. He had to go to the hospital and then was in a convalescent home during his recovery. That sounds bad, but he said that because his digestion was so good he made many friends while he was recovering, and was the life of the party!

IBS gone, blood pressure drastically improved, and friend count way up.  The journey isn’t always what we’d expect, but we’re thrilled he’s feeling better and happy. That is what I call a very successful patient outcome!

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