Patient Medicare Questions

Dr. Stephen WangenA recent Medicare question from a prospective patient.


Can you please tell me whether you accept Medicare?  My father, who is in his 70’s, has had debilitating IBS for many decades and no doctor has been able to help him in the long term.  I would like to send him your information, and it would be helpful to know what his out-of-pocket costs would be.  He lives in Arizona so may need a pre-consultation over the phone first.”

Response from Dr. Stephen Wangen.

“We would be happy to work with your father. We commonly see patients who have had long term IBS, have seen many doctors, and have not gotten results elsewhere.  Medicare has been known to reimburse some of our patients, but it can take significant work. We are direct pay at the time of service.  You will discuss all potential charges with the doctor. You are in complete control. We provide you with the documents you need to submit an insurance claim to Medicare.  

Any tests or treatments will be discussed between him and the doctor once the doctor has a complete understanding of his history and his problem. You are under no obligation to do anything else. Most patients pay less for everything they do with us than the cost of a single colonoscopy.

We would also be  happy to provide a pre-consultation before he makes the trip out. When he does come, he only needs to come to the clinic in person one time. His follow-up consultations can also be via phone or skype.”

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