Motorcyclist Able to Ride Again After Curing IBS

(via creative commons)

Alex recently visited the IBS Treatment Center for help improving his digestion.

His biggest frustration is that he has not been able to ride his motorcycle in many years,  other than for just a quick jaunt around the corner. He couldn’t trust his bowels and always had to know the location of every bathroom – not a good scenario for riding a motorcycle.

After working the the IBS Treatment Center, Alex now reports that this past month he was able to ride for over 4 hours at a time!  He made an overnight trip across the state with his buddies, and despite the fact that they were in the middle of nowhere, he didn’t feel the need to look for the bathroom. He covered more than 500 miles without any accidents or even any discomfort.

Alex, says about his experience prior to coming to the IBS Treatment Center:  “I felt like a Guinea pig working with 2 other hospitals to get my life back.  Finally, I am getting somewhere.  I am extremely happy with the results I am getting from my treatment.”

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