91 Year Old IBS Patient Aims to Get Back to the Casino

(photo: commons.wikimedia)
(photo: commons.wikimedia)

From the IBS Treatment Center’s Dr. Stephen Wangen.

Today I saw a 91 year old patient who is the mother of another patient of mine. She said that she wanted to feel better. I told her that I wanted her to feel better too, and that I thought that it was possible.

I asked her what she wanted to do when she felt better, and I laughed when she told me, “I can no longer go to the casino, and I want to be able to go the casino again.”   I said, “That is a fantastic goal. Let’s get you in shape again so that you can go to the casino!”

I don’t normally advocate going to casinos, but when you’re 91, going to the casino is a good thing!

By the way, she told me that she never loses.

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