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Protein Shakes for People with Food Allergies?

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We received a good question from a former patient about finding a decent protein powder that is dairy, egg, and soy free and wanted to share.

I was a patient of Dr. Wangen’s several years ago and have sent many friends to see him since.  I have felt so much better after seeing him and feel he and your center are a blessing. I have both dairy and egg allergies amongst some other foods.  I’ve been doing a soy protein shake every morning and now have been rethinking the soy and wanted to check to see what Dr. Wangen thinks about soy protein powder and if he has a suggestion about a good tasting  non dairy, non-soy protein powder.

I have tried a couple of Vegan protein powders and they taste terrible.  I’ve also done research and looked at forums etc trying to find one that is not chalky or gritty and read somewhere else that you may be able to handle Whey protein powder if you have a dairy allergy but have been too nervous to put that to a test.


Cathy W.

Dr. Wangen’s response:

I find that it’s a lot of trial and error.

However, I can save you from the error of whey protein. If you look back at your food allergy test results, you’ll notice that whey is on the test and one of the very positive results.

It’s always part of a dairy allergy. What you read was confusing dairy allergy with lactose intolerance. 

Pea protein seems to be fairly popular.

If you shop around online you can find all kinds of protein powder. But I hear what you’re saying about gritty protein powders. Different companies can also vary widely with the quality of the powder, even if they’re using the same ingredients.

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