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Celiac Disease vs. Gluten Sensitivity: Defining Celiac Disease

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How many times have you read that celiac disease is the worst form of gluten intolerance? Or perhaps you’ve heard that celiac disease is the potential end-stage of gluten intolerance? Certainly you’ve probably read that gluten sensitivity isn’t nearly as severe as celiac disease. These statements are often repeated, and they sound fairly logical. But […]

Science News Report: Separating Wheat From Chaff in Gluten Sensitivity

Posted on by IBSTC

A recent article from ScienceNews.org provides a better overview of the challenges related to gluten sensitivity. Excerpt from ScienceNews.org: There are two well-established conditions that require people to avoid gluten. Celiac disease, an immune response to gluten that produces severe inflammation of the small intestine, afflicts about 0.75 percent of the population.  A wheat allergy, […]

Study Attempts to Question Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity

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From the IBS Treatment Center’s Dr. Stephen Wangen: How many of you out there know that you feel worse when you eat gluten?  And how many of you don’t have celiac disease?  A lot of you. I know, because I see people like that every week. And yet scientists (and this group included gastroenterologists) have […]

More Confusion Amongst Conventional Doctors Over Gluten Sensitivity and Celiac

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In this week’s Digestive Health Smartbrief, self proclaimed experts on gluten sensitivity are acknowledging that there is a lot more gluten sensitivity than there is celiac disease. That is good news. But…they are still confused… I (Dr. Stephen Wangen) have been writing about and studying gluten sensitivity for over a decade, however I was not […]

Could It Be Gluten?

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This article was written by the IBS Treatment Center’s Dr. Stephen Wangen and originally published at SimplyGlutenFreeMag.com.— Think that your problem couldn’t be caused by gluten sensitivity? Think again. If you’re still under the impression that people who react to gluten always have diarrhea, then you’re still old school. If you think that it has […]

Study Explores Connection Between Early Infections and Increased Risk for Celiac Disease

Posted on by IBSTC

This is an interesting study, but it’s not looking at the bigger picture. Celiac disease is not only a genetic issue, it’s a symptom of gluten sensitivity. The children (in this study) are more susceptible to having infections because they have a gluten sensitivity, not the other way around. If your immune system is busy […]

Flawed Study Confuses Numbers on Rate of Gluten Sensitivity in Population

Posted on by IBSTC

One of the goals with this blog is to discuss the vast amount of information available on the web and to help offer some insight into the articles themselves, their accuracy, etc. This recent study with explores the “Low Gluten Sensitivity Rate” among the population is an example of the difference between helping people and […]