what drugs help with IBS

Types of medications often prescribed for IBS.

The typical medical approach for treating IBS involves either doing nothing, or guessing at the problem and trying different medications.

Many of the patients that come to the IBS Treatment Center have been on numerous medications. None of which has solved their problem (or they wouldn’t be in our clinic in the first place!), and most of which were not designed to treat IBS symptoms.

These drugs may be prescribed as a best guess, in the hopes that the patient will experience some relief. Research continues on IBS medications, but most of the time medications fail to cure the majority of patients. There is no single cause for IBS, and there will never be just one treatment that works for everyone.

At the IBS Treatment Center we rarely use any of these medications. Other than antibiotics for bacterial overgrowth, the medications listed above have clearly demonstrated their inability to cure IBS. Even worse, almost all of these drugs have the potential to cause the symptoms of IBS! If prescribed meds do provide some relief from symptoms that of course is great — for the short term. But our goal is to end IBS symptoms for the long term. To do this we work to find the true cause of a patient’s problem, not just treat the symptoms. When the underlying cause of the IBS is discovered then it can be treated and the symptoms will end — and not just be masked by the quick fix of a prescription.