Should I Have Your Gallbladder Removed

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It is often tempting for physicians to blame the gallbladder for abdominal pain and digestive problems even when there is little or no evidence that the gallbladder is the culprit.

It’s a relatively simple procedure, and most people don’t miss it too much. If stones are present, then the decision is easy to make.
 However, in some cases physicians recommended that the gallbladder be removed even when stones are not apparent on any exams.

The recommendation is based primarily on symptoms and a lack of any other visible problem. Gallbladder function tests also may indicate that the gallbladder is not functioning at 100%.

However, that does not mean that it is the cause of the problem. If the gallbladder is functioning at a below normal level, removing it will only guarantee that it will not function at all.

Studies (see below) have shown that patients with IBS symptoms and/or abdominal pain are more likely than others to have gall bladder removal surgery (cholecycstectomy) when they do not have gall stones.