protein powders

Protein shakes are a healthy way to supplement your diet with quality nutrition. However, most are made from dairy and/or egg, and the primary alternative has been soy. But a patient recently brought to my attention a company that produces some very unique protein powders that are suitable for people who need to avoid dairy, egg, and even soy.

Until now the only alternative that I was aware of were rice protein powders, which are often difficult to locate and don’t always mix very well – they tend to have a grainy texture to them. Now you can get two other protein powders, made from peas and hemp, respectively. (As an aside, hemp milk is now available at stores such as Whole Foods.)

According the to company, True Protein, what they call Gemma Pea Protein is very smooth and light. I suspect that pea protein powder is somewhat like soy, in that both are legumes. However, they are fairly distantly related legumes, so most people who can’t tolerate soy will likely tolerate pea protein just fine.

Hemp milk tastes fairly rich like soy milk, though it is somewhat nutty. So you can expect these same qualities from hemp protein powder.

Both are available online through True Protein at and are very reasonably priced. You can also customize your protein powder order with various flavors and additives such as flax, psyllium, and sugars. When you visit their website click on Product, then Formulas, and then Custom Solutions in order to find these unique protein powders.