how to know if you’re allergic to gluten

DrWangenPressPicWeb-199x300This article was written by the IBS Treatment Center’s Dr. Stephen Wangen and originally published at

Think that your problem couldn’t be caused by gluten sensitivity? Think again. If you’re still under the impression that people who react to gluten always have diarrhea, then you’re still old school. If you think that it has to involve any digestive symptom at all, you’re behind the times.

Gluten sensitivity comes in all shapes and sizes. For example, take celiac disease. Celiac disease is a specific kind of damage in the small intestine known as villous atrophy. This is a symptom associated with gluten sensitivity. It just happens to be a symptom with its own disease name.

With or without celiac disease, it’s clear that gluten sensitivity is associated with all kinds of health problems. Got fatigue? That could be your gluten sensitivity. Brain fog? That too. Insomnia? Ditto. Poor recovery from exercise? Poor endurance? All can be due to gluten sensitivity.