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Study: Relationship Between Adenoids Hypertrophy and Food Intolerance

Posted on by IBSTC

Out of China comes a wonderful study on a link between IgG food allergies and enlarged adenoids. The researchers noticed a significant difference in IgG food reactions between children with enlarged adenoids and a control group. Adenoids are in the back of your throat and are part of the immune system. People with enlarged adenoids […]

Do Early Antibiotics Lead to Food Allergy Risk?

Posted on by IBSTC

This is a very important issue and an important question. Antibiotics are definitely a double edged sword. You can’t just use them and think that there are no negative consequences. And remember, this article is only referring to the classic definition of food allergy, which is limited to only 5 symptoms – asthma, anaphylaxis, hives, […]

Study: Gastrointestinal inflammation and associated immune activation in schizophrenia.

Posted on by IBSTC

This study shows that food allergies are correlated with schizophrenia. Everyone with schizophrenia should be tested for IgG food allergies. We have seen the same thing in our practice. It may be the difference between suffering needlessly with this mental illness or having a normal life. Don’t wait around for your psychiatrist to figure this […]

Study Shows That Any Food Can Be An Allergen

Posted on by IBSTC

Anything can be an allergen. Even carrots! I never assume that any one food is good or bad for everyone. Everyone is different. Study: Component-resolved in vitro diagnosis of carrot allergy in three different regions of Europe. BACKGROUND:Carrot is a frequent cause of food allergy in Europe. The objective of this study was to evaluate […]

Study Aims to Demonstrate the Existence of Wheat Sensitivity

Posted on by IBSTC

I’m glad to see wheat sensitivity is getting more attention. We still need doctors to recognize the significance of both celiac disease and wheat/gluten sensitivity. Gluten sensitivity is today where celiac disease was 10 years ago in that it’s still not looked for by most doctors. Even celiac disease is still missed most of the […]