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Patient, “My Gastroenterologist Apologized Because He Hadn’t Taken Me Seriously.”

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Now I am finally feeling like I thought I should. Even more than the treatment, I was glad that I went to the IBS Treatment Center simply because they were the first people to really listen to me and treat me like I was telling the truth. My gastroenterologist actually apologized to me because he […]

Patient Scours the Globe for IBS Specialist

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“My husband and I are missionaries and have lived out of the country the last three years.  Since leaving the country I have been sick with stomach issues.  I have had four colonoscopies, seen numerous doctors outside the country and in the US as well, all with no answers. The last thing that I was […]

Patient Learns IBS is More Than “Stress”

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A great letter from a former patient. “In the third grade I remember complaining constantly about having stomach aches and was actually put on anti-anxiety medication. I have struggled with this throughout my 52 years. Things really got bad about 6 years ago when I started having severe stomach aches along with bloating and large, […]

Yes, You Can Have Healthy Digestion!

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Digestion should be the natural process of an exquisitely complex system that converts food into the materials needed for life: vitamins, minerals, fats, amino acids (proteins), and sugars (carbohydrates). From the average person’s point of view, it is a relatively easy, even unremarkable process, something you take for granted. But from a medical viewpoint it […]

IBS Patient Finally Finds Help After 20 Years of Searching

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I first experienced IBS symptoms in 1992, at the age of 21 and I lived with it for 15 years. I tried everything to find a solution including visits to about 10 doctors (G.I. specialists, OB/GYN, Internal Med., allergist, kinesiologist and chiropractors). I read several books on IBS and tried elimination diets. I was tested […]

Who We Are: The Innate Health Group

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The Innate Health Group was designed and created to reintroduce something that has been missing in medicine, a belief that you are capable of being healthier if given a better understanding of your body. We subscribe to the scientific method and the theory of evolution. We know that in most cases health is something that […]

Migraines Solved with Dietary Change

Posted on by innatehealth

We received the following letter from a recent patient. It is truly amazing that with all the research on this subject, (including double-blind & placebo controlled studies), that widespread testing for food allergies is still not done. Dr. Wangen, When I came to see you for migranes I felt as though I was making a […]

Frequently Asked Questions at the IBS Treatment Center

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We’re starting a new segment with our blog where we address frequently asked questions we hear from patients and potential patients alike. Let’s start today with the basics. What does it cost to visit the IBS Treatment Center?

 The Center offers a 10-minute pre-consultation over the phone or Skype for just $65.

 Your first in-office […]

Medications for IBS? Get off them!

Posted on by IBSTC

The typical medical approach for treating Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) involves either doing nothing, or guessing at the problem and trying different medications. Many of the patients that come to the IBS Treatment Center have been on numerous medications. None of which has solved their problem (or they wouldn’t be in our clinic in the […]

Study: Probiotics Reduce Stress-Induced Intestinal Flare-Ups

Posted on by IBSTC

To summarize: Probiotics can be good for you. Stress always exacerbates underlying illness and weakness. Probiotics do not cancel out stress, but they do help to regulate the immune system and therefore may help to mitigate some of the effects of stress on your IBS.  What they didn’t mention was that probiotics may help your […]

Another Study Explores Symptoms, Not Causes of IBS

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This article is titled “Brain imaging to identify physical reasons why IBS symptoms improve with drug-free treatments.” No doubt that they’ll find that people who feel better have measurable changes in their brain activity.  That would be true for any issue. But to imply that it is identifying the cause of the problem is misleading. […]

Drugs for IBS: Treating a Symptom, Not the Cause

Posted on by IBSTC

At least 20 million Americans have been diagnosed with IBS. Drug companies are beginning to tap into this hefty target market by offering medicines aimed at relieving the symptoms of IBS. These drugs alter the physiology and ultimately the action of the digestive tract, but they do not address the underlying causes of IBS, or […]

“Experts” Gather to Investigate the Causes of IBS

Posted on by IBSTC

This came up in the news recently and is worth noting. From MedicalNewsToday.com: “GENIEUR, which stands for Genes in Irritable Bowel Syndrome Europe, was funded by the European Science Foundation. Its main aim is to identify the genes and DNA variants which might be linked to a higher risk of developing IBS symptoms.” “According to […]

Study Explores Gut Microbiota and Healthy Living

Posted on by IBSTC

For this study, you should understand that Gut microbiota is an assortment of microorganisms inhabiting the length and width of the mammalian gastrointestinal tract, including humans. From the study itself: “It is well established that diet influences the health of an individual and that a diet rich in plant-based foods has many advantages in relation […]

Common Misconceptions About IBS

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The biggest misconception about IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) is that it defines a specific medical condition. IBS is, by definition, just a group of symptoms affecting the digestive tract that haven’t been explained. Unlike cancer, a stroke, or the flu, IBS is more of a starting point than a diagnosis, because it doesn’t provide any […]

FDA Approves Irritable Bowel Syndrome Drug

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Yet another symptom focused drug has been approved for IBS patients.  In a very short trial, this new drug was determined to help more patients that placebo to have a bowel movement when constipated.  The primary side effect noted was diarrhea.  Again it’s worth pointing out that this drug does not address the cause of […]

The Mystery of Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

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The key to understanding Irritable Bowel Syndrome is understanding that IBS is not a single disease. There is not a single test for IBS because IBS is not a single disease. It is a set of symptoms, like fever and body aches, that can be caused by many different conditions. In a recent article from HealthDay.com […]