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Discussion on “The molecular heart of celiac disease”

Posted on by IBSTC

A recent article from MedicalXpress.com titled, “The molecular heart of celiac disease revealed” has many folks discussing and debating the various approaches to disease treatment. I classify this in the realm of “Really cool science and even better marketing, but very little practical significance.” You can’t shut down even part of the immune system without […]

Study Explores Potential Celiac Disease in Adults

Posted on by IBSTC

This study supports what we at the IBS Treatment Center have been saying for years, and even published in Dr. Stephen Wangen’s book “Healthier Without Wheat.” Once you’ve have positive blood testing for celiac disease, the biopsy is superfluous. But not for the doctor, because that is how they make their living. Patients with positive […]

Study: Celiac diagnoses rose during 2000s

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Although more doctors are now looking for celiac disease, it is understood by celiac experts that celiac disease is still underdiagnosed. This is primarily due to the wide variety of symptoms that people can suffer from if they have celiac disease. There are hundreds of different symptoms. Many celiacs do not even have digestive symptoms. […]