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Celiac Patients with Anemia Show More Damage to Small Intestine Than Those with Diarrhea

Posted on by IBSTC

This is an interesting study showing that celiac patients with anemia had worse looking damage in their small intestine than did those with diarrhea. Another way of saying this is that your only symptom of celiac disease may be fatigue!  Which goes to show that one celiac patient can have very different symptoms from another, […]

Tooth Damage May Be Linked to Celiac Disease

Posted on by IBSTC

Damage to teeth is very common in celiac disease patients who have not gone gluten free.  It may be the most common symptom in patients who are “symptom free.”  Like headaches and some mild digestive issues, tooth damage is probably one of the common signs of celiac that is usually ignored.  Dentists are largely ignorant […]

Unnecessary Celiac Study Ignores the Fact That Drugs Are Not the Answer

Posted on by IBSTC

Today I came across another example of a study on how to practice really bad medical care. First, tell people to eat something that is poisoning their body. Then ask them to take a drug to see if that helps. That is exactly what was done in this study on a new drug called larazotide. […]

Celiac Disease and Fertility

Posted on by IBSTC

We came across this article, which discusses fertility issues in women with celiac disease and wanted to share.  Since the beginning of 2010, there have been 10 articles published about issues in fertility associated with celiac disease. This particular study mentions that few gynecologists are aware of these issues.  Which simply confirms how important celiac […]