cause of my irritable bowel syndrome

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This is a wonderful new research article by Dr. El-Salhy out of Norway about IBS. It makes 2 very important points. They are somewhat complicated points, so I’ll try to break them down into simpler language.

First, the study notes that alterations in the gut-brain connection (neuroendocrine system) are a symptom of something else. The something else that they’re referring to can be diet, intestinal bacteria (probiotics), and/or inflammation. We’ve been saying this for many years and this is exactly the kind of thing that we address at the IBS Treatment Center. It’s also why we’re so successful at helping people with IBS. We find the causes of inflammation, the bacterial imbalances, and the individual dietary triggers for the symptoms of IBS and go from there.

Second, the research article points out that there is a connection between IBS and IBD (inflammatory bowel disease, which includes Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis).  This again is a point that we’ve been making for several years. They are not completely separate problems that have nothing in common. They are linked, and a significant number of people suffer from both.

Keep up the great work Dr. El-Salhy. We’re listening!