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October, 2014:Scary Moments with IBS: Bowels from Hell; Opportunities to hear Dr. Wangen speak; and more…

September, 2014:3 Secrets About IBS at Work; Many opportunities to hear Dr. Wangen speak; and more…

August, 2014:Back to School: 3 Secrets for Dealing with IBS; Many opportunities to hear Dr. Wangen speak; and more…

July, 2014:Celiac Disease vs. Gluten Sensitivity: Part II; Many opportunities to hear Dr. Wangen speak; and more…

June, 2014:Celiac Disease vs. Gluten Sensitivity: Part I; Many opportunities to hear Dr. Wangen speak; and more…

May, 2014:Food Allergies As Triggers for Ear Infections and Other Upper Respiratory Problems; Welcome Dr. Coy; What Is Xanthan Gum?; and more…

April, 2014:Not All Food Reactions Are Allergies; Potassium; Dr. Wangen in Houston; and more…

March, 2014:New Day Northwest Interview; Do You Need A Calcium Supplement? Maybe Not.; Support Groups in Seattle and Santa Monica; and more…

February, 2014:Difficulty Gaining Weight; Event in North Carolina; Support Groups in Seattle and Santa Monica; and more…

January, 2014:Weight Loss in the New Year; National Oatmeal Month; Patient Success; and more…

December, 2013:Probiotics – Billions of Goodies for Your Gut; Support Group Meetings Return; Patient Success; and more…

November, 2013:Fiber, Not all it’s cracked up to be; Patient Success Story; Drawing Winners; Research Study Announcement; and more….

October, 2013:New Clinic in Santa Monica is OPEN!; Fiber Foods; Gluten Free Convention in Tacoma; and more….

September, 2013:Attack of Our Favorite Foods; New IBS Treatment Center in Santa Monica, CA!; and more….

August, 2013:Everything You Wanted To Know About Food Allergy Testing: Skin Testing, ALCAT and Signet/LEAP/MRT, Muscle Testing, and ELISA; Success Story; and More….

July, 2013:Food Allergies Can Cause…; and more….

June, 2013:Be One of Those People; Patient Success Story; Magnesium and Bone Health; and more….

May, 2013:How to Avoid Girl Scout Cookies; Celiac Awareness Month; and more….

April, 2013:Get a Healthy Life; IBS Awareness Month; Allergen Free App; and more….

March, 2013:What is the difference between a food allergy, an intolerance, and a sensitivity?; and more….

February, 2013:Eating Make You Sleepy?; Open House March 1st; and more….

January, 2013:Medicines and Constipation; FDA asking for input on food allergen labeling; and more…


December, 2012: Seasons Greetings from our staff; Article on Medicines and Negative Side Effects

October, 2012: The Newsletter returns from summer hiatus: Dr. Wangen speaking in Palo Alto; New Gluten-Free Magazine; and more…

June, 2012:  Colonoscopies Don’t Help Most Conditions; Dr. Wangen on Korean News; “Healthier Without Wheat” available in Italian and Korean; and more…

May, 2012:  May is Celiac Disease Awareness Month:  Gluten Sensitivity!; and more about gluten-free!

April, 2012: We Want You Off Medications; New Facebook Page for Dr. Wangen; New Website; New restaurant tools; and more…

March, 2012: Get Your Lab Results; Allergen-Free Chocolates; and more….

February, 2012: High Schooler Shows How It Can Be Done; Living Healthy Gluten Free; and more….

January, 2012: Abdominal Pain and the ER; Dining Out in Portland; and much more…


December, 2011: Eating Disorders and Food Allergies; Cooking Class; Webinar; and more…

November, 2011: IBS Expert, not Gastroenterologist; Where is Gluten?; Where is Dairy?; and more….

October, 2011: Fiber; Open House; Halloween Treats; and more….

September, 2011: Psychology of Food Allergy; Support Groups; GF Expo: Advanced Course in Food Allergies; and more….

August, 2011: New Probiotic Products; Support Groups; GFAF Expo; and more….

July, 2011: Most Dairy Reactions are not Lactose Intolerance; Discount GF Expo Tickets; Parasite Treatment Research Study; and more…

June, 2011: Advanced Course in Food Allergies, Intolerances, and Sensitivities; IHF = FAIF; Girl Scout Cookies; New Cookbook, and more….

May, 2011: I Can’t Possibly Have A Food Allergy; Product Recall; Open Tasting at Dolce Lou; Free help quitting smoking; Whole Foods GF Event; and more…

April, 2011: Never the Same Since; Gluten Free Pizza; Expo, and more….

March, 2011: New Advanced Testing for Gluten Intolerance; Jerky Recall, Expo; Cooking Classes; and more….

February, 2011: Migraines and Headaches; Chip Recall; Product Reviews; Cooking Classes; and more….

January, 2011: Nervous Stomach; National Oatmeal Month; Pizza Offer; and more…


December, 2010: A Deeper Understanding of Probiotics; Cooking Classes; Special Offers; Recipes; and more….

November, 2010: Nickel Allergies; Free Cookbook; Cooking Class at Greenlake Nutrition; and Recipes from Gluten Free Mama!

October, 2010: 5th Anniversary Open House; Treating Brain Fog; Trick or Treat; and much more…

September, 2010: IBS Treatment Center Moves to New Facility!; Bellingham Free GIG Event; Egg Replacement Options; and much more…

August, 2010: Treating Abdominal Pain; Our Big Announcement!; Cider Summit; NW Gluten Free Conference; and much more…

July, 2010: High Blood Pressure and Food Allergies; New Lactase Product; Northwest Gluten Free Summit; and much more…

June, 2010: Treating Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s Disease; Crenu Bars; GIG Group opportunity; and much more…

May, 2010: Diverticulitis; Easy Banana Bread; Class Action Lawsuit against United Health; and much more…

April, 2010: Acne and Digestive Problems; Reimbursement for some insured by United Health; and much more…

March, 2010: Parasites; 8 Degrees of Ingredients; R.O.C.K; and much more…

February, 2010: Hypoglycemia; Conferences and Events for the Gluten Free; and much more…

January, 2010: Revisiting the Beet Sugar Issue; A Great Vegan and GF Pecan Pie Recipe; and much more…


December, 2009: Taking Supplements; Special Holiday New Patient Day; and many events, reviews, and announcements!

November, 2009: SIBO Testing: Unproven; Gluten-Free Brioche, and many events and announcements!

October, 2009: Colon Resection and IBS, “Celebrating Food”, and much more….

September, 2009: Beet Sugar, Trader Joe’s Chocolate Chip Cookies, and much more…..

August, 2009: Behçet’s Disease, Cederlane Foods, Special Offer on Bread Machines; Innate Health Foundation needs your help; and more…..

July, 2009: Acid Reflux; Delicious Planet; Gluten-Free Expo; and more ….

June, 2009: GIG Conference Review; Whole Life Nutrition; Wife needed for Magazine Article; and more ….

May, 2009: New IgA Food Allergy Testing; Amy’s Pizzas; GIG National Conference in Seattle in June; and more…

April, 2009: Inability to Gain Weight; Resources for Convenient Meals for Celiac/Gluten-Intolerant People; Tastes Like Real Food; and more….

Mid-March, 2009: Kids and Digestive Problems; Turtle Mountain New Products; and more….

Mid-February, 2009: Leftovers; Bionaturae Pasta; and more…..

Mid-January, 2009: Good Science vs. Bad Science; Namaste Foods; and more….


Mid-December, 2008: Challenges of the Holiday Season; Gifts of Nature Motina Flour; Innate Health Foundation Wiki website; and more…

Mid-November, 2008: Healthier Without Wheat – book at the printer; Flexible Spending Accounts; GalaxyFoods; and more…

Mid-October, 2008: IBS – A Serious Problem; Gift Certificates Available; and more…

Mid-September, 2008: Digestive Problems and Migraines; Gluten-Free Mama; and more…

Mid-August, 2008: Crohn’s, Colitis, and IBS; IHF elects new board member; and more….

Mid-July, 2008: Candida and IBS; Cheaper and better than eggs!; and more….

Mid-June, 2008: The Gall Bladder and IBS; IHF Patient Grant!; Rice Dream; and more…

Mid-May, 2008: New Testing Available; Send us your EOBs!; Nancy’s Soy Yogurt

Mid-April, 2008:Gastroparesis; Send us your EOBs!; Coconut Bliss

Mid-March, 2008:IBS and Gluten Intolerance; Research Study on Celiacs

Mid-February 2008: Baby News! Baby Formulas; IHFWiki; Thanks to GFGirl!

Early-January 2008: New IHFWiki!!, Gluten-free Summer Camps; Product Review; Gluten-Free Girl


Early-December 2007:The Gift of Health; Holiday Tips; Product Review; Events

Mid-November 2007:Do You Have a Nervous Stomach?; Gluten-Free Girl; Blog Update

Mid-October 2007:Digestive Problems Can Run in the Family; Family Discount Update

Early-September 2007:Distilled Alcohol; Children and Food Allergies; Website Changes; Fall for the Foundation Invitation!

Mid-Aug 2007:Our Lab wins Commendation; RSVP for Support Group; Ways to Review the IBS Treatment Center online

Late-July 2007:Stomach Rumblings; Anna of ‘Breads from Anna’ &trade is coming!

Late-June 2007:It’s not all about IBS; Sugar: Beet and Cane

Mid-May 2007:You’ve already had all the tests?

Late-April 2007:Encopresis

Early-April 2007:Special Notice! Zelnorm® Removed from the market due to risk of potentially fatal side effects

Late-March 2007:Common Misconceptions about IBS

Mid-February 2007:IBS and Anemia; King 5 Healthy Living Expo

Late-January 2007:Probiotics (Part 3 of 3); Celiac Awareness Walk

Early-January 2007:Probiotics (Part 2 of 3); King5 Healthy Living Expo


Mid-December 2006:Probiotics (Part 1 of 3); Seattle Gluten-free Food Festival!

Early-December 2006:Food and Health Concerns at the Holidays; Food Allergy Resources

Mid-November 2006:We Help Kids, Too!; Gluten-Free Gala

Late-October 2006: Parasites; Dr. Wangen Needs Your Stories; Gluten-Free Pie Krust Demo!

Mid-October 2006: Feeding the Family; New Celiac Group

Late-September 2006: Food and Fatigue; Kosher – Pareve Foods; Gluten Free Oats!

Early-September 2006: Free Celiac Disease Testing!; Age and Healing the Digestive Tract; Celiacs Be Heard!

Late-August 2006: Courtney; Understanding Non-Celiac Forms of Gluten Intolerance; Dining Out with Food Allergies

Early-August 2006: Understanding and Defining Celiac Disease; Back to Nature!

Late-July 2006: Sweet Success!; Testing For IBS Causes; Food Allergies: Can I eat just a little?

Early-July 2006: Another IBS Success Story!; Beyond Fiber: Solving Constipation

Mid-June 2006: IBS Solved!; IBS:The Role of Good Bacteria; 12 Year Old Boy with Constipation and Tummy Pain

May, 2006: Kaili’s Back!; Defining and Understanding Irritable Bowel Syndrome; Announcing the Innate Health Foundation