IBS Treatment Center

Seattle, WA

Get out of the bathroom and get back to your life!

Insurance Reimbursement

The IBS Treatment Center is usually considered “Out of Network”, so if your policy includes out-of-network providers and is compliant with the Affordable Care Act, you should get reimbursement. Sometimes insurance companies choose to treat our services as In-Network because they don’t have any providers that do what we do – as in this letter from United Healthcare, this letter from Aetna, or this letter, also from United Healthcare.

Getting Reimbursed

Most patients get reimbursment by using the following procedure:

  • You pay the IBS Treatment Center by cash, check, major credit cards, Health Savings Account (HSA) card/check, or Flexible Spending Account(FSA) or “Bene”-card.
  • You submit the paperwork (we provide it at your visit) to your insurance company.
  • Your insurance company pays you back in accordance with your policy.

Most of our patients get all or part of their expenses reimbursed by their insurance company.